First objective of the JISC-supported Sonex initiative was to identify and analyse deposit opportunities (use cases) for ingest of research papers (and potentially other scholarly work) into repositories. Later on, the project scope widened to include identification and dissemination of various projects being developed at institutions in relation to the deposit usecases previously analyzed. Finally, Sonex was recently asked to extend its analysis of deposit opportunities to research data.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

SONEX work on repository interoperability to be presented at the 2nd Open Access Forum

  The communication "The SONEX Workgroup for the Analysis of Repository Interoperability Issues: a Summary of Activities" (in Spanish) presented by the JISC-funded SONEX Workgroup has been accepted for the 2nd Open Access Forum to be held Apr 16-17th along the INFO2012 conference in Havana, Cuba. The motto for this 2nd Open Access Forum is "Interoperability: the Basis for the Ecology of Open Access Repositories".

The selected list of topics for the 2nd Open Access Forum includes:

  • Standards for Open Access Repository (OAR) Interoperability

  • CRIS/OAR Interoperability

  • Value-Added Services based on Repository Interoperability (such as Repository Usage Aggregation Systems)

  • Linked Data and Enriched Digital Objects

  • Integration of Repositories and Electronic Publishing Platforms

  • Semantic Interoperability

  • Interoperability between Open Access Repositories and e-Learning Platforms

  • Distributed Repository Networks

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Report on the Knowledge Exchange Workshop on RDM released

  The report on the Workshop on Research Data Management held last November by Knowledge Exchange (KE) at the Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn has already been released. This report summarizes expert group discussions on RDM funding, training, infrastructure and organisation challenges held after the KE "A Surfboard for 'Riding the Wave'" report was presented at the Workshop.